These are the Content Marketing Skills You Need to Imbibe in 2023

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In 2023, business isn’t exactly booming. Most companies in the market are suffering from a downturn. Businesses landlocked in a field with a lot of competition are shedding blood and struggling to find new customers.

This slowdown has naturally affected those working at such companies. Digital marketers are not impervious to these trends. Companies are evaluating the value of each working employee they hire. In order to survive a slowdown, many companies are letting go off people who they feel they don’t need. Digital marketing professionals are also facing a similar fate.

How does one survive in this climate?

The only real solution to surviving a downturn is becoming an indispensable asset for your employer. Usually, companies let go of people who are not a key part of the business and don’t make a defining contribution.

In other words, you need to become a crucial part of the place you’re working at. If you’re still studying at a digital marketing institute, this is a lesson you should learn sooner rather than later.

The simplest way to become indispensable to your employer is becoming more skilled. If you belong to the content marketing department at your company, simply knowing the basics of your job won’t cut it during difficult times. You will need to go above and beyond your skillset and expand your range of capabilities.

In this article, we discuss some content marketing skills which can help secure the career of a professional in 2023.

Data Science for Audience Analysis

Data science has slowly become an important part of digital marketing. This is true for businesses that run the most successful digital marketing campaigns. Data science is a field that helps professionals notice patterns in a large volume of data that help predict and forecast certain key outcomes.

In content marketing, one important practice is audience analysis. Professionals in content marketing must know their audience inside out. Data science helps brands notice patterns that predict the type of content the target audience may want.

Video Creation

According to, Video content is the next big thing to explode in the digital marketing space. People no longer want to spend hours browsing text content. They want to watch videos that convey complex information quickly.

To learn video creation, a professional must learn the process of scripting, shooting, and editing videos. A content marketing professional who can make videos can be very valuable to a company looking to build a strong digital marketing team. For professionals looking to build a career for the future, video creation is a great skill to have.

In Conclusion

Skills are the only thing that really helps marketers get hired these days. Given the number of different domains that marketing has divided into, marketers need to keep updating their skills. In this article, we covered some skills which professionals in content marketing should consider adding to their portfolio.

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About the Author- Shikha Awasthi is a YouTuber and video editor with a solid background in digital marketing.

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