Poker Sequence: Highest To Lowest Ranking Of Poker Hands

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Before joining a Texas Holdem Poker table, it is essential to learn the basics of playing poker and most importantly – the order of poker hands.

Basic Rules For Evaluating Poker Hands

  • There are 52 cards in a standard deck of cards.
  • The order of the cards (from highest to lowest) is Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
  • There are four suits of cards in the deck – hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. All suits in poker have the same value.
  • In Poker, a player must have the best hand of five cards to win.

You need to know the rules of poker sequence games in order to determine the strength of your cards at the table and quickly decide when to join the pot and when to fold.

Poker Sequence: Poker Hand Chart to win at poker tables

Poker hand terminology

  • Hole Cards – cards that each participant receives face down at the start of the game.
  • Community Cards– Cards that are revealed face up on the board during betting rounds.
  • Pocket Pair– When a player receives two cards of the same value.
  • Suited– two face up cards of the same suit.

For example – if you have a Q and 10 of Hearts, it will be called Queen-10 suited.

  • Off Suit– Two face up cards of different suits. For example – If you have K of Hearts and J of Diamonds then you have King-Jack out of suit.
  • Royal Flush– an unbeatable combination. A royal flush is an ace-high straight flush.
  • Straight Flush– Five cards of the same suit in numerical order. If two players have a straight flush, the player with the stronger cards in value wins.
  • Four of a Kind (Quads)– Quads are four cards of the same rank/any suit.
  • Full House (Full Boat)– Threesome and a couple. If two players have a full house, the player with the higher three cards of the same value wins
  • Flush– Five cards of the same suit. If all five cards of two players are of the same value, the pot is divided equally between them.
  • Straight– Five cards in numerical order. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot.
  • Three of a Kind / Set– Three cards of the same value. If two players hold threes, the player with the stronger cards wins.
  • Two pairs– two different pairs. If one pair of two players’ cards is similar, the other pair determines the winner. If both pairs are the same, the player with the highest kicker card wins.
  • One Pair– Two cards of the same value. If two players have the same pair of cards, the player with the stronger kicker card wins.
  • High Card – The hand with the highest card(s) wins.

Top 5 Best Texas Hold’em Starting Hands

Pocket Aces – The strongest pre-flop hand that can be played from any position on the table. It is also known as Bullets, American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, Batteries and Snake Eyes.

Pocket Kings– It is considered the second best pre-flop hand after Aces. Pocket kings are also called Cowboys, Ace Magnets, Elvis Presley and King Kong.

Pocket Queens – The third best starting hand that can help you win big, but it will be hard to play if more cards hit after the flop. It is also known as checkers.

Ace-King Suited – Although this pair is strong pre-flop, you have to play carefully if you miss the flop. She is also known as Big Slick, Anna Kournikova, King Arthur and Korean Airlines.

Pocket Jacks – Pocket Jacks is a powerful late position hand. If your opponent raises your bet, you can assume that they are holding a better hand (AA, KK or QQ). It is also known as fish hooks. Winning the game depends entirely on how well the player can use their skills to develop strategies and make quick decisions based on their understanding of the order of poker hands. The more you practice, the sooner you will start to get the results you want and make big gains.

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