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Different iOS Apps/Games to Train Your Mind

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Many people play different puzzles and logic-based games whenever they want to take a break from their daily and stressful routines. These games can be categorized as serious brain training activities that use a gamified approach to train the brain. Different fun brain training games follow exciting and entertaining approaches.

You can download these games using Clearwave Fiber which provides better speeds and reliable connectivity to users in the US. Besides this, you can find internet service providers like Spectrum, Cox, and others to play games that can relax your mind. Having said that, let’s have a look at the different apps/games that can help you train your brain and keep your mind healthy:

Brain Out

The game has different challenges that will blow your mind. You can play this game with your friends and show off your problem-solving and riddle-testing skills. The game is free and has addictive gameplay that is made of a series of tricky brain teasers and riddles that will let you evaluate your logical thinking capability, accuracy, reflexes, and creativity. The game requires you to answer questions in an unusual way, go beyond the “normal” and solve problems put forward by the brain.

Apart from this, the game has an element of humor and funny game effects that can help you boost your brain’s power. The game is a perfect blend of mental exercise, creativity, knowledge-based exercises/games, and other exercises for the mind.


The game has some unique features that can help you maximize your brain’s full potential using different challenges. These challenges are designed to expand your mental capacity. The game lets you maximize your full potential by challenging yourself with games that can help you enhance your skills with 45+ fun and rewarding games that cover 6 carefully designed categories.

You can select from the different games from the catalog and use them as your Daily Workout. Apart from this, the game lets users on a schedule, play different short games and see their results in the feedback provided by the game. To add more to your game, you can compete with your friends and get an in-depth analysis depending on your performance and progress.


This is one of the best games that users can play to exercise their memory, reason, logic, and other dynamics related to their brains. The cognitive training program is a fun and interactive way to train your brain and learn about the way the human mind works.

Using Lumosity’s program and games that can help you work on your exercise memory, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving. All the exercises practiced in the app show that it is backed up by science and is created by a group of scientists who are always on their toes to make new and experimental challenges in the game to make it more effective.

This is one of the most downloaded games on the App Store and has some therapeutic effects on an individual’s mind. Besides this, the game is played by millions of people daily as a fun-filled activity to keep themselves active at home, school, or work. Apart from this, Sudoku can help people unwind their minds from the stress they go through every day and relax.

To play the game, you can select beginners, and advanced players, and select the difficulty level. You can select the Easy level to challenge your brain and the Expert level to give your mind a real workout. As you play the game, it uses statistics and lets you track your progress. To add more fun to the game, you can use ninja stickers to send them as iMessage.


In the end, one can say that so many apps/games can help you train your brain and relax your mind if you are going through some kind of stress or anxiety. Besides these apps and games, you can look at different motivational videos on YouTube and cable TV using different TV and internet packages provided by service providers in your area. Also, you can search for other healthy approaches to relax your mind and improve its performance.

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